FEMS Masters Thesis Award Inaugural Final 2018, Budapest, Hungary

FEMS has created a new European wide masters competition to showcase the best masters students from across Europe. The FEMS Masters Thesis award is intended to recognize the best Masters Thesis on Materials Science and Engineering, presented in any Academic Institution from the country of any FEMS member Society. The FEMS National Societies may nominate one candidate per year. To be eligible the Masters Thesis should have been obtained up to a maximum of two academic years before the FEMS final takes place. Further details on the award can be found on the FEMS website in the awards section. The European final of the FEMS Masters Thesis Award will take place during Junior EUROMAT on the 10th July.

Each FEMS member society taking part in the competition organises their own local heat and the winner from each local/national event goes forward to the European Final. The national society covers the travel and subsistence costs for their candidate.

Finalists will give a 10 minute presentation on their Master Thesis at Junior EUROMAT. This will be followed by a short Q&A session of questions posed by members of the judging panel. Each finalist receives a fee waiver to attend the Junior EUROMAT event. The winner will also receive a certificate and be featured in the next FEMS Newsletter and on the FEMS website.

FEMS is pleased to announce the finalists for the Inaugural competition in 2018:


Flore Villaret, “2D grain growth modelling in ODS steel with different full field approaches” SF2M (France)

Konstantinos Fountas, “Experimental Determination of the Adhesion of Hard CAPVD coatings” HMS (Greece)

Athanasios Skandalis, “PLMA-b-POEGMA amphiphilic block copolymers: Synthesis, characterization and properties in aqueous solutions” HSSTCM (Greece)

Alessia Peluso, “Measurement and modelling of transverse permeability of preforms” ASSOCOMPOSITI (Italy)

Beatriz Coehlo, “A digital Microfluidics Platform for Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification of DNA” SPM (Portugal)

Manuel Alonso Orts, “Synthesis and characterization of complex semiconducting oxide nanostructures” SOCIEMAT (Spain)