8 November 2017 to 10 November 2017

What is the right material for your advanced light weight design - Aluminium, Magnesium or Titanium?

The 2nd International Conference on Light Materials – Science and Technology (LightMAT 2017) gives a comprehensive overview and new insight into the three most important light metals Aluminium, Magnesium and Titanium and their combinations. Read more

Organised by DGM - Deutsche Gesellschaft für Materialkunde - Posted on 2 September 2017
6 December 2017 to 7 December 2017
Warwick, United Kingdom

This event will assess the role of underlying science and technology, applicability to surface and bulk state of in-line sensors and characterisation methods for a wide range of material properties and processes, drawing on new technology developments and experience from various industries. Read more

Organised by IOM3 - Institute of Materials, Minerals & Mining - Posted on 27 July 2017
11 March 2018 to 15 March 2018
Phoenix, Arizona

FEMS and TMS are joining forces to offer symposia on Nanocellulose Fibrils and Process Intensification in Pyrometallurgical Systems at the TMS 2018 Annual Meeting Read more

Organised by Federation of European Materials Societies (FEMS) - Posted on 17 August 2017
27 May 2018 to 1 June 2018
Poitiers, France

The Fatigue 2018 Congress will be the twelfth in a series of major international conferences held since 1981. This series aims to provide a discussion forum for both fundamental aspects and practical applications of fatigue, covering all aspects of fatigue, all type of materials, and all fields of interest (transportation, energy, electronics, civil engineering, medicine…). Read more

Organised by SF2M - Société Française de Métallurgie et des Matériaux - Posted on 1 September 2017
8 July 2018 to 12 July 2018
Budapest, Hungary

The Junior EUROMAT Conference takes place every two years and is the place to be for young students willing to have direct access to one of the largest community of international experts of materials science and technology. Read more

Organised by MAE - Hungarian Society of Materials Science - Posted on 17 August 2017
1 September 2019 to 6 September 2019
Stockholm, Sweden

EUROMAT 2019, the European Congress and Exhibition on advanced materials and processes, is the premier international congress in the field of materials in Europe Read more

Organised by SFMT - The Swedish Society for Materials Technology - Posted on 7 September 2017