VII Aluminium Surface Science and Technology Symposium

17 May 2015 to 21 May 2015
Miscellaneous events

The Symposium builds on the previous highly successful meetings in 2012 (Sorrento, Italy), 2009 (Leiden, The Netherlands), 2006 (Beaune, France), 2003 (Bonn, Germany), 2000 (Manchester, U.K.), 1997 (Antwerp, Belgium). The Symposium series has become recognized as the unique and key event bringing together scientific, technological and product-related issues, and personnel active in aluminium surface critical products and their innovations. The scope of the Symposium encompasses all aspects of aluminium surface characterization, modification, performance and development. Specific fields of interest include, but are not limited to, rolling and extrusion processes, material deformation effects, joining processes, multi-material assemblies, wet chemical surface processing, electrolytic processing, adhesion and organic interactions, plasma-based surface modification technologies, corrosion and protection mechanisms, self-healing, and other functional properties of products. This conference emphasizes interdisciplinary research and fosters exchange between aluminium producers, scientists and end users. Applications sectors as diverse as aerospace, automotive, heat exchangers, architectural, electronics, lithography, packaging, nanotechnology, and others are to be addressed. In addition, contributions addressing the impact of processes and products on the environment and the development of “green technology” for aluminium will be sought.

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