The 11th International Conference on Residual Stresses

27 March 2022 to 30 March 2022
Centre de Congrès Prouvé – Grand Nancy

The conference provides a key forum for scientists, students, and engineers interested in the prediction, evaluation, control, and application of residual stresses.

Equal emphasis is given to the measurement, modelling, and utilization of residual stress/strain data.

Both the scientific and engineering aspects of these topics, such as the influence of residual stress fields on distortion, material response to loading, damage initiation and propagation, component performance, life and failure, will be addressed.

Special attention is paid to method development and burning issues of great current interest, as, for example, stresses in nanosized systems, stress analysis using synchrotron radiation, multiscale approaches.

The main topics will be :

  • Measurement methods: diffraction methods, line profile analysis, magnetic methods, acoustic methods, photomechanical methods, mechanical and micromechanical methods…
  • Modelling methods: at different scales (nano, micro, macroscales), multiscale modelling…
  • Residual  stress management and control: design, engineering, product life cycle management, stress monitoring, standards, quality control, metrological aspects
  • Residual stresses in manufacturing processes: heat treatments, surface treatments (mechanical, thermochemical…), casting, additive technologies, machining, cutting, coating technologies, welding and other assembling methods…
  • Residual stresses in advanced materials: polymer based composites, metal and/or ceramic composites, glass and amorphous materials, functionally graded materials, nanocrystallised/nanostructured materials, thin films, coatings, multilayers…
  • Residual stresses, Internal stresses and microstructures: phase transformations, phase stresses, intergranular/intragranular stresses, dislocations…
  • Residual stresses in devices, components and structures: distortion engineering, stress relaxation methods, MEMS, electronic devices, residual stresses in geological materials and structures, residual stresses in biological systems…
  • Consequences of residual stresses: fatigue, crack propagation, damage, chemical reactivity, stress corrosion, physical properties of solids.

Important dates:

·    Abstract submission deadline: 02/11/2021

·    Acceptance notification: 01/12/2021

·    Deadline for registration at reduced fee: 02/01/2022

·    Full paper submission deadline: 30/01/2022

·    Conference: 27-30/03/2022

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