FEMS Awards

For information about past winners, award criteria and how to apply, follow the links below.

Nominations are now invited for the FEMS Awards below:

Presented annually

FEMS Masters Thesis Award

FEMS awards the best Masters thesis in Europe on Materials Science and Engineering, presented in any Academic Institution from the country of any FEMS member Society.

FEMS European Materials Gold Medal

FEMS most prestigious award (available on odd years only).

FEMS Materials Science & Technology Prize

To young European materials scientists or engineers in recognition of a significant contribution to a field of Materials Science and Engineering (available on odd years only). The Prize is supported by Taylor & Francis. 

FEMS Materials Innovation Medal

For distinguished scientists or engineers to recognise outstanding contributions to technological development and innovation based on exceptional contributions in materials science and engineering (available on odd years only).


Not available in 2023

FEMS Communication Award for Excellence in MSE

For young European materials scientists (aged less than 40 at the time of nomination) who have distinguished themselves by the significance of their work and their ability to communicate effectively whether that be in Industry or Academia.


TMS – FEMS Young Leader International Scholar Program

To promote young member activities (joint with TMS).

No longer available

FEMS Lecturer Awards for Excellence in MSE (up to 2017)

This distinction encourages selected young materials scientists who have contributed significantly to a recently emerging topic of materials science and engineering to lecture throughout Europe as “ambassadors” of the materials community. Lecturers are selected based on the broad significance of their work and their ability to communicate effectively.