FEMS Masters Thesis Award

In 2018 FEMS created a new European wide masters competition to showcase the best masters students from across Europe. The FEMS Masters Thesis award is intended to recognize the best Masters Thesis on Materials Science and Engineering, presented in any Academic Institution from the country of any FEMS member Society. FEMS Member Societies may nominate one candidate per year. To be eligible, the Masters Thesis should have been obtained up to a maximum of two academic years before the FEMS final takes place. The 2022 European final of the FEMS Masters Thesis Award will take place during the FEMS Junior EUROMAT conference in Coimbra, Portugal (19-22 July 2022).

Each FEMS Member Society taking part in the competition organises their own local heat and the winner from each local/national event goes forward to the European Final. The Member Society covers the travel and subsistence costs for their candidate.

At the Final, candidates will give a 10 minute presentation on their Master Thesis using PowerPoint. This will be followed by a short Q&A session of questions posed by members of the judging panel. The panel will score each candidate and this mark along with the results of the poll taken by the audience will be taken into account in deciding the overall winner who will be announced later in the conference during the awards ceremony.

2021 FEMS Masters Thesis awardees


1st place:

Xabier Garcia (SOCIEMAT) for his thesis on '1D and 3D nanomaterial fabrication and surface modification for developing piezoelectric and triboelectric nanogenerators.'

Watch Xabier's presentation.


2nd place:

Maria Dimitra Chiotelli (HMS) for her thesis on ‘Experimental investigation of the biomechanical behaviour of the most widespread patellar fixation techniques in medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction.'

Watch Maria's presentation.


3rd place:

Austin Hubley (SF2M) on ‘Shape-shifting nanosheets: 2-dimensional Chiral perovskites.

Watch Austin's presentation.


2020 FEMS Masters Thesis awardees


1st place:

Georgios Chatzigiannakis from the Hellenic Society for the Science & Technology of Condensed Matter (HSSTCM) was awarded first place for his thesis on ‘Laser-microstructured ZnO/Si heterojunction photodetectors.’


2nd place:

Ana Carina Lopes (SPM) for her thesis on ‘Study and evaluation of different combinations of virgin and processed PA material for Selective Laser Sintering technology.’


3rd place:

Hugo Roirand from the Société Française de Métallurgie et de Matériaux (SF2M), with the thesis ‘Influence of ECAP (Equal Channel Angular Pressing) process on fatigue-corrosion properties of an aluminum alloy used in automotive wires.’


More information on the winners.


2019 FEMS Masters Thesis awardees

1st place:

Adriana Eres-Castellanos, National Center for Metallugical Research, 'Effect of ausforming on the bainitic transformation in medium carbon steels.'

Full Presentation

2nd place:

Amélie Thiriet (France), 'Microstructure and properties of multi-component Functionally Graded Material (FGM) obtained by CLAD additive manufacturing.'

3rd place:

Vinh Tu (Sweden), 'Modelling and finite element simulation of the bifunctional performance of a microporous Structural Battery (SBE).'


2018 FEMS Masters Thesis awardees

1st place:
Beatriz J. Coelho (Portugal): A digital microfluidics platform for loop-mediated isothermal amplification of DNA

2nd place:
Manuel Alonso Orts (Spain): Synthesis and characterization of complex semiconducting oxide nanostructures

3rd place:
Flore Villaret (France): 2D grain growth modeling in ODS steel with different full field approaches


Procedure for nomination:

The nomination must be accompanied of an extended summary (maximum two pages) of the Thesis and a short cv of the candidate. A support letter highlighting the major achievements of the Thesis should also be included (see FEMS Master thesis Award - Call for nominations document).

Responsibility for the selection of the recipient rests with the Award Selection Committee. This is composed of 5 FEMS EC members.

The National Societies may have their own rules and criteria, but should be aware of those specified by FEMS, in order to all the candidates being in similar conditions:

Abstract, Presentation, Materials Science content, Timing of Presentation, Handling of questions from the judges.

Submissions should be sent to secretary@fems.org not later than 1 April 2022.

Documents for download: