FEMS Materials Innovation Medal

For outstanding contribution to technological development and innovation in materials science and engineering by an individual or a group.

The award is presented to individuals or groups of materials scientists or engineers that have made outstanding contributions in inventions and innovations that have favourable impact on the quality of life of individuals, general welfare, sustainability, environment or economy. 
Successful nominees should have conducted the majority of their research work in a European university, company or institute.
The winner is expected to give a plenary lecture on their innovations at the next FEMS EUROMAT conference and to publish in the European Journal of Materials.


Nominations are accepted from FEMS Member Societies only and must include the following:
- Citation (100 words max)
- Two letters of recommendation (at least one outside the nominee's organisation)
- Nominee's list of patents
- Nominee's list of publications (if applicable)
- Nominee's list of invited lectures
- Description of contributions highlighting
   ~ Degree of innovation (idea excellence, inventive step)
   ~ Market potential (feasibility/applicability, R&D collaborations, technology transfer, patents, licence, spin-offs ad other related contracts)
   ~ Invited talks and presentations or publications at conference (if applicable)

Judging Panel

Nominations for the award are judged by the FEMS Awards Selection Committee and ratified by the FEMS Board.


Available on odd years only.


The winner will receive a medal and a fee waiver to attend FEMS EUROMAT and also featured in an interview on the FEMS website.

FEMS Awards - Past recipients

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