FEMS Materials Innovation Medal

The award is presented to distinguished scientists or engineers to recognise outstanding contributions to technological development and innovation based on exceptional contributions in materials science and engineering. The award celebrates inventions and innovations that have favourable impact on the quality of life of individuals, as well as on general welfare, sustainability, and environmental impact on the economy. 

The FEMS Materials Innovation Prize is awarded biennially and the winner will receive a medal and certificate, at the FEMS EUROMAT 2023 Conference (3-7 September in Frankfurt, Germany) where they are expected to give a plenary lecture on their innovations and will be invited to publish in the European Journal of Materials. The winner’s name and that of their Member Society will also be featured in an interview on the FEMS website.


The nomination should include a description of the nominee’s contribution to Materials Science and Technology (maximum of 3 pages), a CV, a list of patents and publications. Where appropriate, a list of former PhD students and post-doctoral associates trained by the nominee should be included, indicating the positions presently held by those younger colleagues. Two letters of support by those who are familiar with the nominee’s achievements should be included with the nomination, with at least one of them from a company.
A citation of no more than 100 words should also be submitted. Nominees should preferably (but not exclusively) have European nationality or have done much of their research work in Europe.
The nomination should be submitted to the FEMS Secretary, Ms Efi Fragkou, at secretary@fems.org by 31 January 2023. 

Judging Panel

Responsibility for the selection of the recipient rests with the FEMS Award Selection Committee. The ASC will review nominations and recommend one candidate to the FEMS Board no later than six months prior to the presentation of the award
The decision is made based on the following criteria:
- Degree of innovation (excellence of the idea, inventive step)
- Market potential (perspectives for feasibility and application, R&D collaborations and technology transfer between institute and industry, patents, license and other contracts between institute and industry, spin-offs)
- Publications and invited talks at conferences


The Medal is to be awarded to still active materials scientists or engineers for distinguished contributions to Materials Science and Engineering in Europe. Proposals should be made on the basis of the achievements related to technological progress. There is no age limit for nominees, but posthumous nominations are not allowed.
Candidates for the award may be proposed by the
- Member Societies of FEMS
- Executive Committee of FEMS
- FEMS Award Selection Committee
- Boards of companies that manufacture or apply advanced materials.


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