FEMS Communication Award for Excellence in MSE

(This replaces the former FEMS Lecturer Award for Excellence in MSE)

Congratulations to Manuel João de Moura Dias Mendes (SPM) and João André da Costa Tedim (SPM) who were jointly award the FEMS Communication Award for Excellence in MSE in 2020.







The FEMS Executive Committee seeks nominees from the Member Societies for the new FEMS Communication Award for Excellence in Materials Science and Engineering created in 2018. The Awards go to young European materials scientists (aged less than 40 at the time of nomination) who have distinguished themselves by the significance of their work and their ability to communicate effectively whether that be in Industry or Academia. The Awards encourage promising materials scientists and engineers to communicate on a materials topic within Europe acting as “ambassadors” for the materials community. The following provides a brief description of the Award:

Prize: Two FEMS Communicators are appointed every even year. The Awards have a maximum value of € 1,500. The awards are presented at the biennial FEMS EUROMAT conference for which the recipient receives a fee waiver to attend the conference. The next presentations will take place at FEMS EUROMAT 2019 in Stockholm (1 – 5 September 2019).

Lecture: Each recipient is expected to give a lecture during the conference at which the Award is presented. This lecture will be also be video recorded either at FEMS EUROMAT or at another time under controlled conditions in order that this can be disseminated more widely to member societies and interested parties. The lecturer will be asked to include some information within their presentation concerning FEMS and the nature of his/her award. A member of the FEMS Executive Committee will be designated to act as each lecturer’s mentor for the duration of the award.

Publicity: The lecture is intended to produce visibility for the FEMS Communicators, their national Societies and FEMS. The recipients’ names will be published in FEMS News and on the FEMS website.

Nominations: The nomination package should contain a CV and a list of publications (refereed/non-refereed/proceedings), preferably accompanied by a list of independent citations, and a list of invited lectures. A letter of support from a personality in the field of MSE, familiar with the candidate’s work but independent (i.e. no collaboration and no co-authorship), should also be included. The candidate is also required to submit a short (no longer than 3 minutes) video where they talk about their work and why they feel they would be an effective communicator for MSE in Europe. The nomination package should be submitted to the FEMS Secretariat at the following e-mail address: secretary@fems.org by 1 June even years with a completed nomination form.

Selection: The nominations will be assessed by the FEMS Award Selection Committee. A number of nominees will be pre-selected and invited to give a presentation at the Junior EUROMAT conference on the year of submission (next is in Grenada July 2020). It is important that the nominees are available to attend Junior EUROMAT to make a presentation, a fee waiver to Junior EUROMAT will be provided to each nominee and it is expected that the travel and subsistence costs will be met by the respective nominating society. The final selection will be announced during this event; the FEMS Award Selection Committee will take the votes of the participants at Junior EUROMAT into consideration.

Documents for download: