FEMS Masters Thesis Award - Past winners

2022 FEMS Master Thesis Award

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Narea García de Albeniz (SOCIEMAT) - Winner
Laser-assisted surface modification of zirconia-based materials to guide osteoblast response for dental applications
Ivânia Trêpo (SPM) - 2nd Place
Transparent and flexible ECoG electrode arrays of metallic nanostructures for neural recordings
Yann Bami-Chatener (SF2M) - 3rd Place
Elaboration of super-hydrophobic bio-inspired surfaces by hybrid 3D-manufacturing
Chrysoula Aivalioti (HSSTCM) - 4th Place
Nanostructured doped nickel oxide thin films made by rf sputtering as hole transfer layers for transparent optoelectric devices

2021 FEMS Masters Thesis Award

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Xabier Garcia (SOCIEMAT) - Winner
1D and 3D nanomaterial fabrication and surface modification for developing piezoelectric and triboelectric nanogenerators
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Maria Dimitra Chiotelli (HMS) - 2nd Place
Experimental investigation of the biomechanical behaviour of the most widespread patellar fixation techniques in medial patellofemoral ligament reconstruction
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Austin Hubley (SF2M) - 3rd Place
Shape-shifting nanosheets: 2-dimensional Chiral perovskites
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2020 FEMS Masters Thesis Award

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Georgios Chatzigiannakis (HSST) – Winner
Laser-microstructured ZnO/Si heterojunction photodetectors
Ana Carina Lopes (SPM) – 2nd Place
Study and evaluation of different combinations of virgin and processed PA material for Selective Laser Sintering technology
Hugo Roirand (SF2M) – 3rd Place
Influence of ECAP (Equal Channel Angular Pressing) process on fatigue-corrosion properties of an aluminum alloy used in automotive wires

2019 FEMS Masters Thesis Award

Adriana Eres-Castellanos (Spain) – Winner
Effect of ausforming on the bainitic transformation in medium carbon steels
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Amélie Thiriet (France) – 2nd Place
Microstructure and properties of multi-component Functionally Graded Material (FGM) obtained by CLAD additive manufacturing
Vinh Tu (Sweden) – 3rd Place
Modelling and finite element simulation of the bifunctional performance of a microporous Structural Battery (SBE)

2018 FEMS Masters Thesis Award

Beatriz J. Coelho (Portugal) – Winner
A digital microfluidics platform for loop-mediated isothermal amplification of DNA
Manuel Alonso Orts (Spain) – 2nd Place
Synthesis and characterization of complex semiconducting oxide nanostructures
Flore Villaret (France) – 3rd Place
2D grain growth modelling in ODS steel with different full field approaches