La Métallurgie, quel Avenir !

8 April 2019 to 12 April 2019
Nancy, France, Campus Artem, 92 rue du Sergent Blandan
FEMS Member Society event

The French National Network for Metallurgy (RNM) organises on 8-12 April 2019 in Nancy the second edition of its sucessful event « La Métallurgie, Quel Avenir !.

As for the previous édition, it is aimed at gathering experts both from academia and industry, to debate and exchange on formation and research in metallurgy. The tentative list of thematics comprises:

  • Inovative Processes (J.P. Bellot / A. Fraczkiewicz)
  • Alloys Design, microstructures and surfaces (T. Grosdidier / J.M. Joubert)
  • Structural and fonctionnal properties, durability (M. Vilasi, X. Feaugas)
  • Numerical Metallurgy (B. Appolaire / S. Dancette)
  • Advanced Characterization (in situ) (G. Geandier / F. Pettinari)

More details on the website link.

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