10th International Materials Education Symposium (IMES) held in Cambridge, UK


This year there were 150 participants of the 10th International Materials Education Symposium at the University of Cambridge 12-13 April 2018. Marc Fry (Director, Education Granta Design*) said "It's been a hugely enjoyable and stimulating two days. Thank you in particular to the session chairs, speakers and the organizations that provided help and advice which made the event a tremendous success: Mike Ashby Granta Design*, FEMS - Federation of European Materials Societies, SEFI - European Society for Engineering Education, The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society, ASM International, The International Federation of Engineering Education Societies, Tim Bullough, Hugh Shercliff, Sybrand Van Der Zwaag, Peter Goodhew CBE FREng, Paloma Fernández Sánchez, Jose Ygnacio Pastor Caño, Rhys Morgan, Gabriel Cavalli, Roger Hadgraft, Yunfeng Shi, Delphine Depuydt, Núria Salán, Noel Rutter, Arlindo Silva, Ric Parker, Yves Brechet, Kwang Sun Kim, Peter Hammersberg, Fred Veer, Adrian Lowe, Michael Budig, Hannah Melia, Ben Bridgens; Danielle Cote Granta Design Careers, A. Lindsay Greer, Bill Clyne, Hans Jurgen Hoyer, Françoise Côme Ramiro Jordan,  Department of Engineering at the University of Cambridge, and Abbie Fung."

*Granta Design is an Associate Member of FEMS.

More information at: www.materials-education.com