Calling for FEMS Junior EUROMAT 2022 abstracts

As FEMS EUROMAT 2021 draws to a close, we are pleased to announce the dates of the next Junior EUROMAT 2022 conference taking place on 19–22 July in Coimbra, Portugal hosted by Sociedade Portuguesa de Materiais (SPM).

Chair of the conference, Professor Sandra Carvalho, said, ‘SPM is pleased to invite you to join FEMS Junior Euromat 2022. The quality of the content and structure proposed for this event will contribute clearly to the formation and the development of the skills of young materials‘ scientists and engineers in Europe and it will promote close contact between science and industry.

We would like to remark that, taking into account that this congress is more focused on young researchers, the International Programme Committee and the Advisory Board of the event will be made up of recent awarded ERC grants consolidator and starting laureate, respectively. We strongly believe that the promotion of ERC among young researchers would certainly have a great impact on them.’

The deadlines for the conference are as follows:

  • 30 November 2021 – Deadline for abstracts submission
  • 28 February 2022 – Response to abstracts submissions
  • 30 April 2022 – Deadline of early bird registration
  • 15 June 2022 – Deadline of registration with regular fee (on-site + 20%)

To find out more about the event and how to submit an abstract, visit

We hope to see you there!