Cláudia Ranito awarded with Maria Manuela Oliveira Prize

The recognition of excellence in technological innovation and scientific research in the area of ​​Materials is part of the mission of the Portuguese Materials Society (SPM). In this context, the SPM Board of Directors established in May 2019 the Maria Manuela Oliveira Award, with the aim of highlighting the crucial role that women play in research, development, innovation and technology and teaching transfer activities, in the area of ​​Materials. in Portugal. The Maria Manuela Oliveira Award also aims to promote gender equality in these activities. Maria Manuela Oliveira is an Engineer and PhD with research and development activities in the area of ​​Materials and who had a relevant impact on the area and on SPM, to which she was and is actively linked, from its beginnings to the present day, in the quality of general secretary. Through this award, the SPM intends to honor and recognize the dedication and contribution of women who have distinguished themselves in one or more of the fields of interest of the SPM. It is hoped that the living testimony of the contribution and dedication to the Materials area and to SPM, which is Manuela Oliveira, will serve as an inspiration and incentive for more women to consider a career in the Materials area. The winners of the Maria Manuela Oliveira Prize are nominated by the board of SPM and this prize is awarded every two years, on World Materials Day. All the work carried out by Cláudia Ranito in terms of biomaterials, with the creation of "Medbone" and place Portugal in the world of synthetic bone manufacturing, already brought her several recognitions. The awarding of the Maria Manuela Oliveira prize 2022 is simply the latest. Cláudia considers this award to be an honor, especially since it has Maria Manuela Oliveira's name behind it. “That alone is a honor,” she says. Regarding the scope of the award, the founder of Medbone considers it to be a pride and recognition of all the research work “done in my area industrial". Mainly because “it is a recognition of the peers”. Asked what advice she would give to those who are starting (or thinking about) researching in this area, the immediate response was: prepare. And the explanation is simple: “whoever enters this area will never want to change again.” Starting with the materials. not only they are one world. “They are everything that surrounds us”, she says, adding that “having the ability to develop and optimize everything around us is a challenge and a vast opportunity”. It all boils down to one word: fascination. "It's an area fascinating". It is true that there are difficulties. But you must never cross your arms. Even because “no is guaranteed”, she says, adding that “if we face that every yes is a bonus, the fear of failure, the fear of taking risks diminishes.” In other words, “it's going to fight”, because "everything is possible". And then we cannot forget that, never like today, the materials were so important. Sustainability. Renewable energy. And other themes. They are dependent on materials. “Today we have a much more committed development in this area", says Cláudia Ranito, who ends with "entering this area is a opportunity and an honor to be able to have a job as attractive as this one”. SPM would like to thank Vista Alegre for once again supporting this award, with the offer of a commemorative piece for this purpose.