DGM mourns the loss of its long-term elder statesman Günter Petzow

Günter Petzow in a conversation with FEMS founding president Robert Lallement at EUROMAT 99 in Munich

Prof Dr Günter Petzow, former president of DGM, passed away recently at the age of 97 in Stuttgart, Germany, where he shaped the field of materials science for decades as a Director at the Max-Planck establishment, being internationally highly decorated.

As a long-term member of the DGM Executive Committee, Günter Petzow was closely involved in supporting and adopting the advancement of FEMS from its very beginnings in 1987. As the DGM president from 1989, right after the fall of the iron curtain, he was happy to invite the European Materials Community from both East and West to join in Aachen for the very first FEMS EUROMAT conference. More than 700 participants celebrated the event in the historical Aachen coronation hall.

Peter Paul Schepp, former Secretary of FEMS (1997-2003)

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