FEMS Renews Collaboration with TMS

FEMS-TMS MoU signature

During the TMS annual meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, board members from The Minerals, Metals and Materials Society (TMS) and from FEMS agreed to extend their programming collaboration with the signing of a new memorandum of understanding. The new agreement would bring more FEMS-sponsored programming to TMS meetings and more TMS-sponsored programming to FEMS conferences.

“I think this is a tremendous opportunity to strengthen existing ties with our European colleagues,” said Kevin Hemker, 2018 TMS President. “I’ve heard good things from TMS members who participated in FEMS EUROMAT and am looking forward to other such opportunities.”

Under the previous agreement, FEMS organized a one-day keynote session that explored energy and transportation issues from a European perspective at the TMS 2018 Annual Meeting & Exhibition in Phoenix. In return, TMS sponsored two symposia at FEMS EUROMAT 2017, held in Thessaloniki, Greece, in September, on the topics of light weight metals and critical materials and co-sponsored two additional symposia with FEMS.

Under the new agreement, TMS will once again sponsor two symposia at FEMS EUROMAT, Stockholm in 2019, with the possibility of co-sponsoring two additional symposia. In exchange, FEMS will develop programming for TMS2019 in San Antonio, Texas, and TMS2020 in San Diego, California.

“We’re pleased to see this collaboration develop and grow,” said Brett Suddell, FEMS Immediate Past President. “We’ve had a number of successful collaborations in the past and hope to see more in the future.”

Pictured are Kevin Hemker, 2018 TMS President and Brett Suddell signing the new agreement.

The full article can be viewed on the TMS website