Portuguese Materials Society - New board for 2023-2025

The new Board of the Portuguese Society of Materials was elected at the General Assembly on the 12th of July

The Portuguese Society of Materials elects its new board last Wednesday, July 12th. The A list, headed by Sandra Carvalho, won the election unanimously.

Action Program 2023 – 2025:

This list was built following the work that has been carried out at the Portuguese Materials Society (SPM), with the intention that the new President and Vice-President belong to the outgoing Board.  In this way, it is ensured that the new board as a whole, will be perfectly aware of all the actions that were promoted in the previous mandate and, in a logic of continuity, will be able to lead the SPM in its mission of “Promoting, in an independently way the knowledge in the field of materials and highlight their importance in economic and social development, bringing together interested parties”.

To achieve these goals, the candidate list aligned its strategy in 5 fundamental vectors interconnected and always supported by the technical divisions of SPM.
i. Interface with the Industry
ii. Financing and Internationalization
iii. Education in Materials
iv. Communication / Promotion
v. Technical Divisions

The three main lines of action for the biennium 2023-25 are:

- Bring together the materials community and thereby become an active voice with political and economic decision-makers, companies and civil society;

- Implement strategies to increase synamism and economic sustainability of SPM, movinf towards its professionalism in the medium term;

- Promote the importance of materials science end engineering as a pillar of sustainable development, increasing the identification of the associates with SPM.

Composition of New Board

Board of General Meeting

President - Paula Maria Lousada Vilarinho

Vice-President - Veronica Cortes de Zea Bermudez

1st Secretary - Abilio Pereira da Silva

2nd Secretary - Antonio Jose Vilela Pontes

Board of Directors

President - Paula Maria Lousada Vilarinho

Vice-President - Luís Pereira

General Secretary - Manuela Oliveira

Members - Pedro Salome Member, Sónia Simões, Teresa Diamantino, Jorge Lino

Fiscal Council President - Ana Paula Pontes Galvão

Secretary - João Paulo Ferreira Saraiva da Mouta Dias

Rappourteur - José Manuel Fortuna de Carvalho Antelo