Publish your papers in FEMS and T&F European Journal of Materials

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FEMS in association with Taylor & Francis has its European Journal of Materials journal, a fully open access materials science and engineering journal that covers the functional and structural behaviour of materials.

European Journal of Materials covers a broad spectrum of topics at the frontier of science and engineering of materials, from advanced processing and modelling to characterisation at all length scales. The journal aims to close the gap between academics and practitioners in the field to provide a home for research in the international arena of materials science and engineering.

European Journal of Materials publishes research on the application-specific features of materials in medical, energy, transportation, construction and other industries in the following subject areas: 

  • Functional materials
  • Structural materials
  • Processing
  • Characterisation and modelling
  • Energy, transport and environment
  • Biomaterials for life science and healthcare
  • Bio-based materials
  • Raw materials and recycling
  • Education, strategy and technology transfer

European Journal of Materials accepts original research articles, review articles, short communications, news and views articles. The journal operates a single-blind peer review policy.

All articles are freely and permanently available online through gold open access publication.

FEMS members can recieve a 20% discount code for publishing in the open access journal. To do so, please login to get access to the code and refresh this news page and the code will appear.