Review of SPM 2022 Activities

During 2022, SPM (Portuguese Materials Society), organized or co-organized a number of meetings and enhanced the work done by their Technical Divisions.

18 January: Online conference dedicated to Biomaterials. In the same week, the SPM Materials for Energy Division renewed its coordination with Filipe Neves (LNEG) e Pedro Salomé (INL).

26 January: 'Research in Materials in the scope of ERC grants' online conference series, Cecília Roque presented on 'Seeing the unseen with designed functional materials'.

16 March: 'Research in Materials in the scope of ERC grants' online conference series, Manuela Gomes ended the series with 'Magnetic Systems for Tendon Tissue Regeneration'.

10-13 April: 'Materiais 2022” - XX Congresso da Sociedade Portuguesa de Materiais' (Marinha Grande), XI International Symposium on Materials. The first day was dedicated to a School on Additive Manufacturing. During the next three days, 200 participants from more than 20 countries, presented their work. During the closing ceremony, SPM Career Award and Recognition were presented to Professor Rodrigo Martins. Also in the same week, SPM held a workshop on 'Resource and Energy Efficiency in The Ceramics Industry' at the University of Aveiro.

27 April: 'Materials Science and Technology', VII Portuguese Meeting of Corrosion Awareness Day (founded in 2010 by the World Corrosion Organization), organised by the SPM Division for Corrosion and Materials Protection.

May: 'Science and Technology of Materials' SPM magazine themed on 'Metallic Materials'

22 June 22: 'The energy challenges and the scarcity of raw materials in the Portuguese industry' seminar in collaboration with Engineers Order.

27 June: 'Machining Trends and Challenges'  seminar in collabotation with INEGI.

19-22 July: FEMS Junior EUROMAT, with 306 delegates from 26 countries, the 3-day conference had 6 plenaries and keynote talks from ERC grant awardees, 215 abstracts from 25 countries, and 98 presentations spread over 27 sessions covering 5 areas (Functional Materials, Structural Materials, Processing Technologies, Characterisation & Modelling, Materials for Sustainability), a satellite event hosted by BIOREMIA and the FEMS Master Thesis Award final.

7-9 September: 'The Summer School – Materials for Energy Transition focused on Hydrogen and Renewable Gases, Photovoltaics, and Batteries' by the SPM Materials for Energy Division.

12 October 12: 'Polyacrylate Superabsorbent - A new functional polymeric material' webinar, by the SPM Polymers and Composites division. 

21 October: 'Advanced, Sustainable, and Intelligent Manufacturing' 3rd Sustainable and Smart Advanced Manufacturing Meeting on Advanced, Sustainable and Intelligent Manufacturing.

2 November: European Materials Day, celebrated by the Portuguese Materials Community with a full day of activities. The lectures were dedicated to 'Materials in the global health ecosystem'. A contest with the presentation of the best master thesis in materials science took place and Lara Castanheira was awarded Best Master Thesis presentation. Lara will represent SPM in the FEMS Master Thesis Award final to be held during FEMS EUROMAT 2023, in Frankfurt. During the closing ceremony, Cláudia Ranito was awarded Maria Manuela Oliveira Prize. The aim of this award is to highlight the crucial role that women play in research, development, innovation, and technology, in the area of Materials and to promote gender equality in these activities.

3-4 November: The National Meeting of Materials Students, supported by SPM was held in Aveiro.

17-18 November: 'Energy and Decarbonization of the Ceramic Industry' workshop.

24 November: 'VIII Corrosion and Materials Protection Journeys', organized by LNEG with SPM support was held in Lisbon. 

6 December: 'Additive Manufacturing: Present and Future' seminar in collaboration with INEGI.

14 December: SPM General Assembly, where the SPM Technical Division of Materials and Cultural Heritage was approved and launched.