Special issue of Material-ES devoted to Materials Science in Brazil

The Spanish Materials Society, SOCIEMAT, just published a new issue of the scientific journal, Material-ES, on this occasion a special issue devoted to the Materials Science carried out in Unesc - Universidade do Extremo Sul Catarinense, Brazil. Guest Editor: Sabrina Arcaro. 


- Calcium phosphate coating in stainless steel AISI 316L using eletrodeposition for biological applications. C. E. Moretto; A. L.S. Niero; H. B. Modolon; L. B. Teixeira; K. B. Demétrio; S. Arcaro.
- Incorporation of textile waste in concrete. G. Cemin; J. P. Machado; A. Teixeira; M.I. da Silva; E. Junca; A. De Noni Junior.
- Mineral circularity of kaolin for industrial application in brazilian porcelain tiles. A.B. Comin; A. Zaccaron; E. Saviatto; F. Raupp-Pereira; M.J. Ribeiro; G.S. de Souza.
- Development of non-stick surfaces for rigid packaging. M. K. de Almeida; M.V. G. Zimmermann.
- Magnetite-alginate particles for magnetic hyperthermia application. R. F. Ricardo; M. B. Polla; L. B. Teixeira; O. R. K. Montedo; S. Arcaro.
- Effect of the polymeric fibres addition on the permeability of ceramic candle filter. A.L. Souza; L. Simão;, F. Raupp-Pereira; S. Arcaro; M.D.M. Innocentini; O.R.K. Montedo.
- I+D+i EN CIENCIA Y TECNOLOGÍA DE MATERIALES. I+D+i in Science & Technology of Materials at UNESC (Brazil). O. R. K. Montedo; S. Arcaro.