XV SOCIEMAT National Congress of Materials and 1st Iberian Meeting on Material Science

opening ceremony
The Faculty of Sciences of the University of Salamanca has hosted the celebration of the XV National Congress of Materials and the 1st Iberian Meeting on Material Science. The Vice-Rector for Research and Transfer, Susana Pérez Santos, the deans of the Faculties of Sciences and Chemical Sciences, José Miguel Mateos and David Díez; Professor Albano Cavaleiro on behalf of the Sociedade Portuguesa des Materiais (SPM), the research professor of the CSIC and president of the Spanish Society of Materials, Juan José Damborenea; and the professor of the Complutense University and president of the Organizing Committee, Paloma Fernández Sánchez, attended the opening ceremony. With more than 350 participants, over three days, various experts participated in symposiums on semiconductors, advanced characterization of materials, science and surface engineering for advanced applications, laser processing of materials, light materials, processing of powdered and sintered materials by unconventional routes, advanced strategies of protection against corrosion, new advances in the Teaching of Science and Engineering of Materials, advanced materials for energy, processes of Foundry of Metallic Materials and innovation of Materials in the Industry . SOCIEMAT will hold the next National Materials Congress in 2020 at the University of Malaga, organized by Professor Rodrigo Moreno, vice President of SOCIEMAT (ICV-CSIC), Dr. Mª Isabel Santa Cruz (University of Málaga) and Dr. Amparo Borrel (University Polytechnic of Valencia).