Prof Annalisa Pola

Annalisa Pola is Professor of Metallurgy at the Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (DIMI) of the University of Brescia. She’s member of the Italian Association of Metallurgy (AIM) and member of national technical committees about foundry and casting alloys. She’s co-author of more than 120 papers published on international and national journals and conference proceedings (Scopus ID: 8616888900), member of International Scientific Committees (e.g. S2P, IFM, TPMS-5, HTDC) and in 2023 Chairman of the International conference 'Semisolid processing of alloys and composites..

Prof Pola is member of national and international research groups, leader and member of several publicly funded projects as well as industrial contracts, member of the academic board of the DRIMI PhD Programme at the University of Brescia, tutor/advisor of PhD students and fellows, theses supervisor as well as director/member of the organizing committee of summer/winter schools for PhD students. She has been active in materials research and teaching courses at all levels related to metals. Regarding teaching, she is also involved in courses for industries and she’s currently fly-in professor at the GUtech (German University of technology – Oman) for Material Science courses. In addition to her scientific and teaching duties she has performed several institutional activities in various University committees.

Since her employment at the University of Brescia, she has carried out/is carrying out research activities on specific topics in the field of Metallurgy. In particular, she is involved in studies on standard and innovative foundry processes, treatment of alloys in the liquid state, characterisation of components for foundry and additive manufacturing, correlation between mechanical properties and microstructure, failure analysis of metallic components, simulation of innovative heat treatments and casting processes, study of rheological behaviour of alloys in semi-solid state; etc..

In 2023 Prof Pola was awarded by the European Foundry Association (CAEF) for the European Foundry Women`s Award.

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