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Also this year, from September 2-6 , a world elite of scientists working in the field of new materials, nanotechnologies and sintering will gather in Herceg Novi , at the traditional Twenty-First Annual Conference YUCOMAT 2019 and Eleventh World Conference on Sintering WRTCS 2019 . Read more

MATERIAIS 2019 and the SPM 

The MATERIAIS meetings are the most important event of SPM, since it is meant to be the “place” where every 2 years the national and international community involved in research and development in the area of Materials meet. It is intended to be a forum for sharing ideas, to nucleate new projects and collaborations, to educate and, above all, to disseminate to the national and international community the most recent developments in the area. 

MATERIAIS directly contributes to the accomplishment of one of the most noble missions of the SPM, which is to be the VOICE of Materials in Portugal.

Allow me to make a brief historical review of MATERIAIS, which has always been under the patrimony of theSPM.

MATERIAIS 2019 is following 18 previous MATERIAIS conferences.

The first MATERIAIS, MATERIAIS '83 (the 1st SPM Congress), took place at LNEC in Lisbon. After this initial event, every 2 years without interruption, a MATERIAIS was held, always in a different place in the country and with a different organisation.

Throughout these years and events, it is worth highlighting that in 2001, with MATERIAIS 2001 that took place in Coimbra, what was initially a national event became an international congress, which has continued up to today.

More recently, and within the process of the internationalisation of the SPM, the first Iberian meeting of the Portuguese and Spanish Societies of Materials took place in Salamanca in 2018.

By agreement between the two societies, the Iberian event will occur every 3 years, alternately in Portugal and Spain, and the second of these Iberian events will take place in 2021 in Lisbon, during MATERIAIS 2021.

Under the theme MATERIALS FOR A BETTER LIFE, MATERIAIS 2019 features a wide range of prominent speakers who will address the latest developments in materials, which will undoubtedly contribute to the achievement of the 17 GOALS of The Sustainable Development Agenda, ensuring the promotion of prosperity for all while protecting the planet.

The SPM is very grateful to have another successful MATERIAIS congress this year, and thanks the organisers, chairs and committees for their dedication to this event, hard work and enthusiasm, which insures a great success.

The SPM expresses gratitude to the Sponsors; their contribution and presence are essential to make MATERIAIS happen.

Finally, the SPM thanks all the speakers and delegates for their presence, and for making MATERIAIS 2019 a success 


The president of the SPM

Paula Maria Vilarinho Read more

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