The FEMS Lecturers 2010-2011

Dr Joanna Michalska

Univ. of Technology Katowice, Poland


Corrosion of superalloys, steels, titanium and magnesium alloys

MichalskaJoanna Michalska is a native of Poland. She was awarded an MSc degree in chemistry in 2002 and a PhD in materials engineering in 2007 at the Department of Materials Science at the Silesian University of Technology, Poland.

Her research area concerns mainly electrochemical corrosion aspects in degradation and corrosion studies of engineering materials. She has also actively taken part in other scientific projects related to materials for aerospace applications, biomaterials and hydrogen damage phenomena. Joanna is experienced in many materials characterization techniques (corrosion testing, scanning electron microscopy, light microscopy with special techniques of observation, quantitative description of microstructure, electrolytic and potentiostatic etching).

She has authored more than 40 scientific papers in international journals and conferences and some of them were honored and rewarded. As adjunct lecturer she is also recognized for being an excellent tutor for the University’s students. In 2007 Joanna received the Buehler Best Paper Award for her publication in Materials Characterization (2006, vol. 56, p. 355-62) granted by the International Metallographic Society and Materials Characterization Journal. She was recipient in 2010 of the FEMS Young Lecturer Award (Federation of European Materials Societies). Her FEMS lecture is entitled “Microbial Aspects in Corrosion Studies”.

Dr Xavier Sauvage

Université de Rouen, France


Atom probe tomography for understanding deformation induced atomic transport, interdiffusion and phase transformations

SauvageXavier Sauvage graduated in mechanical engineering from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan (1996). After receiving a master degree in physics of materials (University of Rouen, 1997) he was awarded a PhD from the same University in 2001 on the “Atomic scale investigation of phase transformations in nanoscaled composites processed by severe plastic deformation”. He then spent a year in the Max Planck Institut in Stuttgart as a post-doc fellow. During this time, he was involved in the HRTEM investigation of order fluctuations in Cu3Au close to the critical temperature.

At the end of 2002 he joined the CNRS (France) as research scientist to lead research on nanostructured materials and severe plastic deformation at the University of Rouen. Using Atom Probe Tomography in combination with transmission electron microscopy, he investigates deformation induced atomic transport, interdiffusion and phase transformations especially in bulk nanostructured materials processed by severe plastic deformation.

He is co-author of more than 40 papers, has been an invited speaker in 10 international conferences and was recipient in 2009 of the “Jean Rist Medal” award (attributed by SF2M, Société Française Métallurgie et de Matériaux) and in 2010 of the FEMS Young Lecturer Award (Federation of European Materials Societies).His FEMS lecture is entitled "Mg segregations along grain boundaries in an aluminium alloy processed by SPD".