Young people are key agents for social change, economic growth, environmental protection and technological innovation.

As countries across the world continue to take bold steps towards decarbonizing their energy systems, the need to include youth in the energy transformation is becoming increasingly clear.

Today's youth will lead the sustainable development agenda of tomorrow.

It will be incumbent upon them to inject renewed momentum into the global energy and development discourse, and it is therefore only fit that they have a seat at the table.

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Following the official announcement on the FEMS journal "European Journal of Materials Science" launch, Taylor & Francis are now recruiting for the Editor-in-Chief position. If interested please go to the Taylor and Francis link for further details. Read more

The Federation of European Materials Societies (FEMS) and Taylor & Francis are pleased to announce the launch of a new open-access journal, European Journal of Materials (working title). EJM will publish high-quality research across the entire discipline of materials technology.

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How to write a scientific paper

This brief manual by Mike Ashby, Granta Design, gives guidance in writing a paper about your research. Most of the advice applies equally to your thesis or to writing a research proposal. The content of the paper reflects the kind of work you have done: experimental, theoretical, computational. He has used, as a model, a typical Materials project: one combining experiment with modeling and computation to explain some aspect of material behaviour.

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Also this year, from September 2-6 , a world elite of scientists working in the field of new materials, nanotechnologies and sintering will gather in Herceg Novi , at the traditional Twenty-First Annual Conference YUCOMAT 2019 and Eleventh World Conference on Sintering WRTCS 2019 . Read more

The newsletter has news of EUROMAT 2019, review of Junior EUROMAT 2018, The FEMS Master Thesis Award and much more. Click here to read the August 2019 newsletter.

EUROMAT 2019 Conference website with full program

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Next page: EUROMAT 2019 Stockholm highlights: plenaries, awards and tutorials

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J Carter

the TMS-FEMS Young Leader International Scholar Program Award will be presented at EUROMAT 19 in Stockholm to Jennifer L.W. Carter, Assistant Professor at Case Western Reserve University, Ohio who will give a keynote lecture at the conference. Her work focuses on the characterization and modelling of the microstructure and mechanical properties of metal alloys for elevated temperature applications.... Read more

SPM – Portuguese Society of Materials has a new Board for 2019-2021 (full composition below), elected at the General Assembly of 11th July.

The new President of SPM is Professor Jorge Lino (, of the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Porto and former Vice-President of SPM.

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Maria Manuela Oliveira

Maria Manuela Oliveira Prize

The recognition of excellence in technological innovation and scientific research in the area of Materials is part of the mission of the Portuguese Materials Society (SPM).

In this context, in May 2019, the SPM Board established the Maria Manuela Oliveira Prize, with the purpose of highlighting the crucial role that women play in research, development, innovation and teaching activities in the area of Materials in Portugal. Maria Manuela Oliveira Prize also intends to promote gender equality in these activities.

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A Common Language for Science

The Periodic Table of Chemical Elements is one of the most significant achievements in science, capturing the essence not only of chemistry, but also of physics, medicine, earth sciences and biology.

1869 is considered as the year of discovery of the Periodic System, and Dmitri Mendeleev was a major discoverer. 2019 will be the 150th anniversary of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements and has therefore been proclaimed the "International Year of the Periodic Table of Chemical Elements (IYPT2019)" by the United Nations General Assembly and UNESCO.

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