The 5th FEMS Master Thesis Award final took place on 21 July at FEMS Junior EUROMAT 2022

4 finalists from France, Greece, Portugal and Spain, all winners of their respective finals, gave a 10-minute presentation in front of a full audience on their chosen topics ranging from optoelectric devices and metallic nanostructures to hybrid 3-D manufacturing and zirconia-zirconia-based materials for dental applications.

The degree of Honorary Doctor of... Read more

FEMS is now recruiting for a Web & Social Media Executive position. The Web & Social Media Executive will report to the Executive Secretary and oversee... Read more

The Main Board of the Polish Materials Science Society awarded BEng, PhD Aleksandra Kozłowska from the Silesian University of Technology and BEng, PhD Mateusz Kopeć from the Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, Polish Academy of Sciences the prize for the best doctoral dissertation in the field of Materials Science for 2020.

We cordially congratulate the winners and wish them further scientific success. Read more

The 25th Jubilee Polish Materials Science Society Seminar took place in Arłamów, 24-27 October 2021.

150 scientists from all over Poland took part in this event. Discussions during the meetings covered the state of Materials Science in Poland, the functioning of doctoral schools, as well as ways to promote Materials Science among high school students and students.

It was an unforgettable time, full of fruitful discussions and nice meetings.... Read more

Tell us in a few lines about your background and career to date.

I work as Associate Professor with Habilitation at University of Coimbra (since February 2021). I received my PhD degree in Physics in 2004, with a work in the field of hard PVD coatings carried out in Portugal, France, Netherlands and Germany. Presently, I am leading the Research Surface Modification and Functionalisation Group responsible for the Laboratory of Corrosion and Electrochemistry.

My research is focused on the development of new decorative, protective and functional coatings... Read more

We are pleased to announce that the laureate of the 2023 MRS-Serbia Award for a Lasting and Outstanding Contribution to Materials Science and Engineering is Prof. Dr. Knut Urban. He is awarded for his achievements in materials science and specially in aberration correction which have revolutionised the field of electron microscopy of advanced materials and nanotechnology. Read more. ... Read more

We are pleased to announce that the laureate of the 2022 MRS-Serbia Award for a Lasting and Outstanding Contribution to Materials Science and Engineering is Prof. Dr. Richard W. Siegel. He is awarded for his achievements in the materials science and nanotechnology- science and innovation. Read more. ... Read more

Credit: DLR

The German Space Agency at DLR and the European Space Agency have recently opened a joint announcement of opportunity to solicit research proposals for containerless electromagnetic processing experiments in parabolic flight (TEMPUS). Read more

The deadline for the abstract submission for Junior Euromat 2022 has been extended to 16 March 2022. 

This International Conference will be held from 19–22 July 2022 at the University of Coimbra, the oldest in Portugal and one of the oldest in the world.

We would like to invite you to participate in the conference. Save the date and submit your abstract on Junior Euromat 2022.


  • 16 March 2022 – Deadline for abstracts submission
  • 8 April 2022 – Response to abstracts submissions
  • 30 April 2022 – Deadline of early bird
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