During 2022, SPM (Portuguese Materials Society), organized or co-organized a number of meetings and enhanced the work done by their Technical Divisions.

18 January: Online conference dedicated to Biomaterials. In the same week, the SPM Materials for Energy Division renewed its coordination with Filipe Neves (LNEG) e Pedro Salomé (INL).

26 January: 'Research in Materials in the scope of ERC grants' online conference series, Cecília Roque presented on 'Seeing the unseen with designed functional materials'.

16 March: 'Research in Materials in... Read more

As in previous years, SOCIEMAT joined other member societies of FEMS to celebrate European Materials Day. The main event was held at the Polytechnic University of Madrid on 2 November. Members of SOCIEMAT also organized events in Seville and Ciudad Real, and a contest of Materials threads was carried out on Twitter.

During the event the following talks were given by materials experts:

  • 'Toca toca Materiales' - Prof Nuria Salan, UPC
  • 'Bienvenido a MATERLAND' - Prof Gloria Rodríguez, UCLM

During the event, the... Read more

The recognition of excellence in technological innovation and scientific research in the area of ​​Materials is part of the mission of the Portuguese Materials Society (SPM). In this context, the SPM Board of Directors established in May 2019 the Maria Manuela Oliveira Award, with the aim of highlighting the crucial role that women play in research, development, innovation and technology and teaching transfer activities, in the area of ​​Materials. in Portugal. The Maria Manuela Oliveira Award also aims to promote gender equality in these activities. Maria Manuela Oliveira is an Engineer and... Read more
On the 2nd of November, at NOVA-FCT, Campus da Caparica, the celebration of another European Materials Day took place. This year, the theme chosen for the lectures was Materials in the Global Health Ecosystem, with three presentations of great interest. Rodrigo Martins (FCT NOVA) - Materials and the Challenges of the Future; João Conde (NOVA Medical School) - The Lanscape of Precision NanoMedicine at Nova Medical Research, and Cláudia Ranito (CEO of MedBone) - Turning Biomaterials into Medical Devices. The quality of what is done in Portugal in Materials Science and Engineering was... Read more

SOCIEMAT will join FEMS and Member Societies to celebrate 2022 European Materials Day in Madrid on 3 November.

During the event, experts will give lectures and SOCIEMAT will announce the winners of the 2022 SOCIEMAT awards:

Best Thesis Degree in Materials Engineering

Best Master Thesis in Materials

Diffusion & Scientific Education in Materials.


For more information, visit the SOCIEMAT website.... Read more

The 2022 European Materials Day will be celebrated on Wednesday 2 November and the FEMS Member Societies are organising a series of events.

IOM3 - Materially Challenged
A materials, minerals and mining quiz for students & early career professionals.
more information

DGM - FEMS Master Thesis Award national final

HMS - Event for PhD students

AIM - Event for PhD students

SPM -... Read more

European Materials Day was initiated by suggestion of FEMS in 2003 and occurs every first Wednesday of November and SPM has been commemorating since 2003. The event is organized in collaboration with the Materials Committee of the National Association of Engineers.

A contest will take place in order to award prizes to the best Master thesis on Science and Engineering of Materials presented by students of the Materials Engineering Courses of the Portuguese Universities.

There is a national call among all the... Read more

FEMS is pleased to announce that nominations are now invited for the prestigious FEMS Awards:

The FEMS Awards recognise outstanding contributions technological development and innovation at various career stages in the field... Read more

SPM hosts first in-person FEMS conference in 3 years at University of Coimbra.

After the long parenthesis caused by the pandemic, SOCIEMAT has finally been able to hold its XVI National Materials Congress, CNMAT, in Ciudad Real. Organized by the Castilla-La Mancha University, under the presidency of Prof. Gloria Rodríguez Donoso, we have enjoyed a fantastic congress surrounded by friends and colleagues, with the participation of almost 400 attendees and more than 350 papers presented.

The congress was structured in the following Symposia: Functional Materials, Structural Materials, Nanostructured Materials, Polymers, Reinforced Polymers and Composites,... Read more