Rules for the FEMS Lecturer awards and application form

The FEMS Lecturers - young European materials scientists - have distinguished themselves by the significance of their work and their ability to communicate effectively.

Two FEMS Lecturers are appointed every other year (in odd years to coincide with EUROMAT), covering different fields of Materials Science and Engineering.

Candidates for the award may be nominated by

  • Member Societies of FEMS
  • members of the Executive Committee of FEMS
  • members of the Award Selection Committee.
  • renowned materials scientists
  • departments of MSE or similar branches of a University, or a research organisation

The FEMS Secretariat will publish a call for proposals one year before the next EUROMAT Conference.

Nominations must be submitted to the FEMS Secretariat. The nomination package should contain a CV and a list of publications (refereed/ non-refereed/ proceedings), preferably accompanied by a list of independent citations, and a list of invited lectures. One letter of support from a personality in the field of MSE, familiar with the candidate’s work but independent (i.e. no collaboration and no co-authorship), should be included with the nomination. The selected lecturer should be among the most promising of Europe’s young generation (age below 40) in the field of Materials Science and Engineering.

Responsibility for the selection of the recipient rests with the Award Selection Committee (ASC). The ASC prepares a shortlist of the best 5 nominees who are invited to present brief presentations at the next Junior Euromat conference. The two winners will be selected based on these presentations by FEMS.

The award winner is expected to give a lecture at the award ceremony. Each award winner should also give two more lectures at University Institutes or renowned Research Institutes in different European countries, excluding his or her home country, during the year following the award.

Each FEMS Lecturer will be advised and supported in the preparation of the lecture tour by a Mentor, usually a member of the Executive Committee (EC), who will help in making contact with the relevant institutions. The Mentor informs the EC about the lecture tour. The recipient will publish an article based on his lecture in a European Materials Science Journal.

Those interested in hosting a FEMS Lecturer can receive further information by contacting the FEMS Secretary.

Documents for download: